Steps to Independence Walk/Run 2018

Team Hadley

Awe….life with Hadley is AMAZING! She is now 13 years old and nothing slows her down.

She often talks about being a Vet or Chef, she loves the show Fuller House and most recently told me she is ready to qualify on the BMX bike racing track, just like Brother Hayden.  She has even practiced on the track, on her three wheel bike, proving to all of us once again, there is nothing she can’t do.

I often tell people not one day passes that she doesn’t make me laugh and smile.

Don’t get me wrong she is still a teenager with a stubborn attitude sometimes but those times are minimal compared to the joy and happiness she brings to my life and the people she touches.

I recently reached out to her teacher about a name calling incident at school and the teacher assured me that she is the queen of the school and that any of her fellow classmates would not tolerate such behavior towards their favorite student. Our awareness and acceptance is making a difference.

If you want to help us keep up the good work, Hadley, our family, and many friends will be walking this Saturday September 29 to raise money and awareness for Down syndrome. If you would like to participate you can join our team, walk with us on Saturday, make a monetary donation or just keep us in your thoughts. 

This is Hadley's 14th year of walking, she has not missed one walk, thank you to all of her supporters and for the continued support!

INFO about the walk:

Saturday September 29, 2018

Big Four Lawn at Waterfront Park

Welcome table opens at 7:00 am

9:30AM Family Walk

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