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Steps to Independence Walk/Run 2018

Yes, I'm Extra!

Your support will mean the world to me and make a world of difference!

Please consider donating to my team...this is my first year participating in the Steps to Independence a fun and family friendly event that supports Down Syndrome of Louisville.

I am blessed to have a younger sister (Ellie) with Down syndrome....growing up she and I spent most of our time together...

Life with Ellie was not easy, having a best friend who is non-verbal and is also medically fragile certainly had it's challenges... but the lessons we learned together and the love she taught and gave me far outweighed the challenges and helped define the person I am today.

It has been my lifelong desire to find a place within the Down syndrome community where I can give back...and while I have been blessed to find many, this is my newest outreach and I am excited to share it with my friends and family! Follow my journey or take the leap and join along in my journey!

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